Monday, June 7, 2010

New Retreat

Hi all,
Now that our retreat finsished a week ago, which was a great weekend, we are scouting around for a new venue, hope to pop out some time this week, to check halls and rooms.

So stay tune for dates and pricing, over the next few weeks.

Thursday, June 3, 2010


Our Minden retreat is now sadly over. I hope everyone had a wonderful time. I certainly did. A BIG THANK YOU to Lesa for catering for us all weekend and Tracey R for all the great challenges she set for us. Thanks to everyone for attending and being such wonderful scrap companions. New friends were made over the weekend and hopefully those of you who attended one of our retreats for the first time will join us again in the future. We are thinking of another retreat in late October early November so put those dates aside for another weekend away.
Here are a couple of pics from Jaki of the weekend. If anyone else has some pics they would like to share please feel free to email them to me and I will post them asap.